Monday, September 08, 2008

Super Hornio Brothers

Ha, haha check out this porn movie, Super mario bros but in porn, now where is that damn princess, oh right there getting stuffed by the dragon. You just gotta love the silly stuff out there. Haha!

Super Hornio Brothers

Super Hornio Brothers II

Oh and here is Ron Jeremy (King of Porn) posing for stills!

Ohh aint he looking sexy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Funny Red Basket

Here is something funny I found. My mom bought a red basket from the market which was "Made in China" (and so was the language used on the label).

Seems like a simple red basket, nice colour and all, but on closer inspection, checkout what's written on the label....haha...hilarious!

This is what the label says, "The product can be used in washing rice, cleaning rice bran and grail will you bealthy". BEALTHY!! What is Bealthy??!! Bealthy, Wealthy and Bise?

There's more..."The water will be drained if you putting some vegetable, fish and snail in it"...woah really specific here, I guess other meats like chicken don't fit in the basket.

Ok this is the best part... "when putting them into oil pan, the edible oil may be splashed and your skin may be scaled." woaahh that's really scary design there.

And then immediately after that "It is elegant, healthy and luxury for putting some fruit in the meeting room and reception room". Getting so specific again, I guess this counts out dinner room or bedroom. really gotta love the chinese, they are a funny!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Well lets see if is working

Finally got, lets see if it works with this blog.