Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Nexus 5 is NUTS, it charges up like Crazy!

So my 2.5-year nexus cable finally died with its charger failing about a year back. I've replaced both with a One Plus One 2A charger and a brand new 2.4A Tukzer cable. And oh man, can it charge SUPER DUPER fast. It can go from 5% battery to FULL 100% charge in less than 45 mins. Least expected it!

Google, if the Nexus 5 could do this, then WHAT the HELL are you doing by adding a 1A charger and cable with it for? Jeez, don't be so cheap about your premium phone, man!

Charging rapidly! You can say again that Nexus 5.

As you can see, I've fallen in love with my Nexus 5 once again. MUAH!

That's one crazy Nexus user