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7 Myths of Starting Up – Busted here!

Good article and the 8th myth underneath.
Just what I needed in my life right now, as I'm floating an idea in my head!

Vista Vs Mac...oh shut up!

Interesting article about Preston Gralla on why he's wrong about "Vista Vs Mac". Ill formed perceptions from both sides ought to shut up after reading this...especially Microsoft fanboys.

Oh and before you jump to conclusions, I'm love Microsoft Windows 7 OS and XP before that in its time. So yeah I could be called a Microsoft fanboy...LOL. But I'm NOT at all a fanboy about malformed opinions/perceptions etc.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Now this is called timing!

Click on the photo to view larger
shadow kiss timing
Pay attention to the shadows!

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Nithya Shanti – Power of the Mind


Do you really want a glimpse to the true Power of your Mind, then see this video.


Source (the Original Video link)

Who is this Nithya Shanti?
He worked in the field of Human Resources and Corporate Strategy until he decided to drop it. He went to Thailand stayed there as a forest monk (in solitude) for 6 years when he got a calling to spread awareness to people. Read about this his interesting life here.

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Xbox Live Player Alignment Chart


Click image to view bigger

Xbox Live Player Alignment Chart40030

Source -

Amazing 26 Gigapixel Paris

See Paris like you've never seen before!

Paris 26 Gigapixels is the name of the biggest assembled panoramic image of the world. It shows Paris in a very high definition. A gigapixel is 1 billion pixels! The image is a stitching of more than 2000 individual photos. Paris 26 Gigapixels has been shot on September 8th, 2009 and is now available for everyone a

Note - It is Gigapixel not Gigabyte which is used for storage!

What is 24 Gigapixels equal too?
Paris 26 Gigapixels is a stitching of 2346 single photos showing a very high-resolution panoramic view of the French capital (354159x75570 px). That means if you were to print it out, you'd get a 6500 sq ft printout!

How did they do it?
Read about it here.

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Harry Potter Then and Now





See the transition between Harry Potter stars from the first movie back in 2001 to the latest in 2010, 9 years is a long time!

About Cameras

Image source

You really want to know How to pick the perfect point-and-shoot camera? See the article below
This is for those who just donot understand the megapixel nonsense in cameras.
Why we've reached the end of the camera megapixel race

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What type of Man are you?

There are three types of men in this world.

1. Some Remain single and see Wonders happen.

2. Some have girlfriends and make Wonders happen.

3. Some get married and Wonder What Happened !!!

What would happen if the Largest Countries had the Largest Populations?

What would happen if the Largest Countries had the Largest Populations? Check out this Interesting depiction below…

Click on the image view larger map

Source -

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Mental Laziness

The inability to learn something new is a part of inner laziness. Mind is leaking its energy with all its worry and anxiety. If one does not put the wise effort to stop it, then it shows there is inner laziness. Most of us are tired more from mental worry than physical work. When one learns to be happy there is overflowing energy which gives delight rather than leakage. Whenever you overflow, you share and expand. When there is leakage of psychological energy you shrink and struggle to survive.

Swami Sukhabodhananda

Oh, Mind Relax !

Related post
People spend 'half their waking hours daydreaming'
(Read the foot note - the yoga perspective on scattered minds)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Doggone Inner Peace

If  you can start the day without caffeine,
If you  can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and  pains,
If  you can resist complaining and  boring people with your troubles, 
If  you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it, 
If  you can understand when your loved  ones  are too busy to give you any time,
If  you can take criticism and  blame  without resentment  ,
If  you can conquer tension  without medical help,
If you can relax without liquor,  
If  you can sleep without the aid of drugs

Then  You Probably Are .........

The  Family Dog!


If you feel like the Family Dog like me, give a shout in the comments below...Lol

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These are hilarious…me loves em!


A:It's Braille for 'suck here'.

A: It's the same as a French kiss, but 'downunder.'

A: Melt them down, make a tire, and call it a Goodyear.

A: Because when they come, they're wild and wet, and when they go, they take your house and car with them.

A: Because they don't have any balls to scratch...


Q: What is a man's Ultimate embarrassment?
A: Running into a wall with an erection and breaking his nose.
Nominated as the world's best short joke

A 3-year-old boy examined his testicles while taking a bath. 'Mom', he asked, 'Are these my brains?'
'Not yet,' she replied.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aniket Saraf is Pretti Slim

The famous Aniket Saraf advertising for Pretti Slim!


As seen in a full page AD in Mumbai Mirror 14 Nov 2010 (Sunday)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Net Dharma

A hilarious at the same time true! Unfortunately Author Unknown.

Bhagvat Gita – Adhyay 19

Arjun: Hey Vasudev, how can I do this most heinous and unpardonable act of forwarding junk mail that I receive, to my friends, relatives and revered elders ?

Krishna: Paarth, at this moment, none of them is your friend or foe, relative or in-law, young or old and good or evil. You have no escape from following your Net-Dharma. Make haste to log on and send off junk mail to one and all. That is the only Karma expected of you and Dharma you must follow.

Arjun: Hey Murari! Do not implore me to do something that pricks my conscience and stirs my soul.

Krishna: O Kunti-Putra, you are caught in the vicious circle of Maya. In this material world, you are committed to no one except to yourself, your Dharma and your mouse. Junk mails have existed for over the last 25 years and will remain long after you are gone. Rise above this Maya and perform your bounden duty.

Arjun: Lord Krishna, pray enlighten me as to how junk mail is related to the Maya.

Krishna: Vatsa, junk mail is the 6th element in the universe – Aap, Vaayu, Jal, Agni, Aakaash and Junk Mail. It is at the same time animate and inanimate, living and dead beat. It overloads the system and fills up the hard disk. But it serves one great purpose. It leads people to believe that they are spending their time in intellectual pursuit by reading and reforwarding junk mail. It gives them a sense of achievement without investing their intellect and effort. Like the Atman that leaves one’s physical body and moves on to another, junk mail moves from system to system and never gets deleted or dies.

Arjun: Great Giridhaari, kindly tell me what the true attributes of junk mail are.

Krishna: Neither fire can burn it, nor air can evaporate it. Neither can it be conquered nor can it be defeated. Junk mail is omnipresent and immortal like your noble and eternal soul. Unlike an arrow shot from your bow, many a time junk mail forwarded by you, will even return to you safely after some months or even years, allowing you to re-re-forward it to the same people.

Arjun: Great Saarathi, my salutations to you. You have opened my eyes to the cult of junk mail. I was lost in Maya and have been reading all the junk mail that I keep receiving and doing no other Karma. Now on, I will just press the "Forward" button without reading any of it and send it to all and sundry, friends and foes, relatives and in-laws, young and old. That will surely bring them to their knees in this epochal battle of Good against Evil, in Kurukshetra.

Krishna: Arjuna, victory or defeat is not in your hands. Do not ponder over the fruits of your labour. Just keep forwarding junk mail and make one and all go bananas reading it and you will have done your supreme duty. Tathastu.

Thus Spoke Lord Krishna

People spend 'half their waking hours daydreaming'



Daydreaming 'does not make you happy'

People spend nearly half of their waking hours not thinking about what they are actually doing, according to a US study conducted via the iPhone.

More than 2,200 volunteers downloaded an app which then surveyed them about their thoughts and mood at random times of day and night.

The Science study suggested minds wander, even from demanding tasks, at least 30% of the time. A UK expert said other studies confirmed people are easily distracted.

The iPhone was a novel research tool for researchers at Harvard University.

Participants agreed to be contacted, at which point they selected what they were doing from a menu, whether they were actually thinking about it, and how happy or sad they felt.
“This study shows that our mental lives are pervaded, to a remarkable degree, by the non-present”
End Quote Dr Matthew Killingsworth Harvard University
Remarkably, some participants were prepared to answer the survey even when making love.

While their study sample was composed entirely of people who owned the device, and were prepared to download and be disturbed by an app of this kind, the researchers said it provides an insight into how our minds can wander during the day.

After gathering 250,000 survey results, the Harvard team concluded that this group of people spent 46.9% of their time awake with their minds wandering.

Dr Matthew Killingsworth, one of the researchers, said: "Mind-wandering appears ubiquitous across all activities.

"This study shows that our mental lives are pervaded, to a remarkable degree, by the non-present."

In addition, the survey data on happiness appeared to show a modest connection between the degree of mind-wandering and the level of happiness.

People who were most distracted away from the task in hand were more likely to report feelings of unhappiness.

Reports of happiness were most likely among those exercising, having a conversation or making love, whereas unhappiness was reported most while people were resting, working, or using computers.

Dr Killingsworth said: "Mind-wandering is an excellent predictor of people's happiness."

However, whether mind-wandering is the cause, or the result of unhappiness is still not proven by the research.

Professor Nilli Lavie, from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, said that while any attempt to try to measure the wandering mind was "heroic", the results of the study might be rendered less reliable by the type of participant it attracted.

She said: "Mind-wandering may simply be ubiquitous in the type of person who is engaging in this type of iPhone application, and who is prepared to be distracted from whatever they are doing in this way."

However, she said that her own laboratory research had found similar or even higher levels of mind-wandering among subjects given less demanding tasks to complete.

Source -

nik's input -

The article talks about day dreams and how much we generally day dream during the day. Now of course the sample set taken is nothing to really speak about but it does touch upon a certain reality, that beings  - Most people are day dreamers. Day dreamers = drifting away in our own thoughts and fantasies.

Now interestingly, Yoga says there are only 5 kinds of minds (categories) out of which the first 3 are most prevalent in general public (most beings)
1. Shipta – Restless mind, the butterfly mind, can never remain steady, is thinking one thing and doing the next and then attracted to this and that and this, typically children’s mind show this and some adults too
2. Muda – Dull mind, exact opposite of the restless mind, it doesn’t want to move, finds it too difficult to even think about moving
3. Vikshipta – Occasionally steady but most of the time restless, it has steadiness sometimes otherwise restless (shipta), this is where most spiritual aspirants are
4. Ekagraha – One pointed mind, steady mind, always focused, is never wasting precious resources on scattering the mind
5. Nirodha - Literally no mind state, here the mind is so much in control that it can be turned off by will and not by dullness (though it may seem so)

Now a restless mind which we mostly are, either in shipta and vikshipta state have the essential characteristic of always floating around in whatever it wants to think. Muda (dull mind) doesn’t like to think much, and no that doesn’t mean its steady, it’s just to darn lazy. If you observe your own minds during the day, you’ll essentially see it floating in either of the First 3 states. You are said to be in a particular category of mind, only if you are established in that state all the time. Also note that, there are various gradients in all these minds, well atleast the First three, I cannot comment on the last 2 advanced states.

Please Note – Before you evaluate yourself on this, Steadiness is not what you and I understand as being steady, but steadiness towards a higher goal as DEFINED by Yoga!

Conclusion – The article is very close to reality despite the subject size, the goal, etc of the test conducted by researchers. If what is true of the whole is true of the part, no matter how small that part is!

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Indian Superman Govinda


Yes, it is worth it

Yes, it is worth it / Si que vale a pena

Published on November 3, 2010 in News. 171 Comments
ESPANOL CLICAR AQUI: Si, que vale a pena

Life is like a big bike race where the goal is to fulfil you personal legend.

At the start, we are riding together, sharing the camaraderie and enthusiasm. But as the race progresses, the initial joy gives way to the real challenges: tiredness, monotony and doubts about our own abilities.

We notice that some have withdrawn. They are still running, but only because they cannot stop in the middle of a road. They are numerous, pedalling alongside the support car, talking to each other and performing only their obligations.

Eventually we distance ourselves from them and we are forced to face the loneliness and the surprises of the unknown curves with the bikes. And after a while, we begin to wonder if it’s worth the effort.

Yes, it is worth it. Just don’t quit.

Source -

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Hope Is Not a Budgeting Strategy

A fantastic article on the difference between “hoping for positive change” and actually “working at positive change”. Carl Richards blog is worth a read. The original link is at the bottom.

Hope Is Not a Budgeting Strategy

Carl Richards
Carl Richards is a certified financial planner in Park City, Utah. His sketches are archived here on the Bucks blog, and other drawings are available on his personal Web site,

Maybe you’ve already learned the truth the hard way, but the universe is not going to pay for that BMW you want.

In case you missed it, I’m referring to one of the teachings from the best-selling book that goes by the ingenious name “The Secret.”  The premise relies on the law of attraction. The idea is that you can create your own reality through your thoughts. If you focus intently enough on something, it will happen.

Most of us believe in some version of this law because we recognize that thinking good thoughts will generally make us happier and more attractive to other people. We also see some logic in the fake-it-until-you-make-it strategy. After all, how many of us are really qualified for the jobs we apply for?

Where “The Secret” takes us off track, however, is in telling us that changing our physical reality only requires us to will it to happen. This attitude gets particularly dangerous when applied to money.
Using positive thinking to motivate ourselves to make healthy financial decisions is one thing. It’s something else entirely to lease a BMW you can’t afford and hope that the universe will make your payments because you thought about it really hard.

Maybe this sounds silly to most of you, but I see something similar happen on a regular basis. It starts out simple enough. I’ll see someone who believes that getting to the next level, however they define it, requires faking it at an unsustainable level using material goods as part of the ruse.

For example, think about the people you know who believe that more expensive clothes or a flashier car will help them appear more successful and thus lead to closing more deals. The real question is whether there’s anything to back up the flash, like hard work, patience and discipline.

There is indeed some evidence that focusing on the positive does bring about positive change in our lives, both at work and at home. But the positive change happens and lasts because of hard work. And that’s the part left out of “The Secret.” If it were all about thinking, we’d all be billionaires. Instead, when we apply the law of attraction to our financial lives, it’s important to realize that patience and discipline over long periods of time make the biggest difference.

Source -

Carl Richards Sketchpad Gallery

A Lovely Story


One day, long, long ago, there lived a woman who did not whine, nag or bitch.


But that was a long time ago, and it was just that one day.  


Monday, November 01, 2010

Cracking 14 Character Complex Passwords in 5 Seconds

So you thought having a strong password is the only protection you need from hackers…thing again! A Swiss security company called Objectif Sécurité has created a cracking technology using SSD drives to crack 14 character complex passwords in 5 seconds flat!!! Woah….

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Desi Spiderman

Oh and I forgot to mention, the symbol in the middle of his shirt reads "Kanha Milk". Why do you ask does our Desi Spiderman have a Kanha Milk symbol? Simply because Kanha Milk sponsored this movie called DESI SPIDERMAN. Imagine that!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The most Charming Geeky Wedding Card 2.0

This is a wedding card from a close family friend. The card is certainly the most geeky wedding card I’ve ever seen. This shows what an influence technology has on our lives that the lovely couple chose to post it on their own wedding card!


This is the front of the card. Note the WINDOWS icons and the entire Windows desktop, I guess they aren’t Mac fanatics. Check the bottom, you’ll spot a Windows 7 start button, Gmail, Gtalk, facebook, skype and towards the extreme left (the system tray as it’s called), you’ll see volume, battery icon and the date of their wedding reception.



This is on the inside. Oops, I guess I was too soon to judge about them not being Mac fanatics; here’s an entire iPhone with a chat log mentioning facebook and the internet.


How innovative and charming as it’s from the heart.

I wish the “geeky couple” best of luck and a happy married life!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chat with God

Ever wanted to chat with GOD, now’s your chance!



You of course aren’t chatting the GOD itself, it’s basically an intelligent chat BOT that automates conversation. The way it presented with a funny moniker “iGod” (how applish), it makes it an interesting chat! Sorry if I’ve striped out the magic. But do give it a spin!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

17 Gigapixel Photo


Is there really a 17GB Camera?
No there isn’t, the max that humans have created till 2010 is a 1GB camera prototype.

So how is this done?
The incredible detail is done by putting together 2046 separate images in Nikon Capture NX2 software to make it seamless.

How big is this file?

Jon Kriwol Photography

These are selected photos from the interesting surreal artist Jon Kriwol’s Personal Collection. Check out his Commercial photos, very nice!


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