Saturday, October 23, 2010

The most Charming Geeky Wedding Card 2.0

This is a wedding card from a close family friend. The card is certainly the most geeky wedding card I’ve ever seen. This shows what an influence technology has on our lives that the lovely couple chose to post it on their own wedding card!


This is the front of the card. Note the WINDOWS icons and the entire Windows desktop, I guess they aren’t Mac fanatics. Check the bottom, you’ll spot a Windows 7 start button, Gmail, Gtalk, facebook, skype and towards the extreme left (the system tray as it’s called), you’ll see volume, battery icon and the date of their wedding reception.



This is on the inside. Oops, I guess I was too soon to judge about them not being Mac fanatics; here’s an entire iPhone with a chat log mentioning facebook and the internet.


How innovative and charming as it’s from the heart.

I wish the “geeky couple” best of luck and a happy married life!

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