Monday, October 12, 2009

Plants Vs Zombies Madness!

Haha, here is a cake that is designed after Plants Vs Zombies. This should be Chuchi's cake - saying "I Ate Your Brains"

(click to enlarge photo)

Another ridiculous photo  - This time of Plants Vs Zombies Halloween costume. Can you spot which character is which?

(click to enlarge photo)

Ahhh and now talking of ridiculousness, here's proof that Endless in Plants vs Zombies is truly an endless game.

This player has 104 flags completed in Survival Endless, can you spot how many Gigantor zombies (and with variation red eyes) and bucket heads are there. My God!

(click to enlarge photo)

If you thought 104 flags was crazy check out 300 flags screenshot by a player. Check out this guys' defense.

(click to enlarge photo)

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