Thursday, March 18, 2010

Even the Blind can see now

Wow this is sensational news! Technology is enabling the blind to see now. This is something akin to Star Trek: The Next Generation's blind character Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge who can see with special glasses called the VISOR  which enable him to see clearly. Of course this is far off but still a possible reality.

I remember asking mom after seeing a blind old woman with those thick black glasses, "Do those glasses help her to see?", my mom thought it was a ridiculous assumption at that time.

Original news item!
BrainPort Allows Blind Man to See With His Tongue,news-6164.html

What Today's Tech looks like!

What Tommorrow could look like


  1. The Specktacles that Geordi is wearing resembles a slim line air filter container used in older cars.Lol.

  2. The dude in the second picture is wearing a chopped off air filter from a car or something...


  3. actually the second pic is inspired by a hairband


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