Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sex is...

Maharishi --------- has stated in his magnum opus "Kamasutra" that ....Sex is :

"Duty", if done with your wife 

"Art", if done with your lover
 "Education", if done with a virgin 
"Business Transaction", if done with a prostitute 
"Social Work", if done with a divorcee 
"Charity", if done with a widow 
"Meditative Trance", if done by yourself 
- So stop feeling guilty, whichever it may be.......... JUST DO IT !


  1. ‘Eleven Minutes’ a good book by Paulo Coelho

  2. Sex is important in any love relationship. Some people expect emotional stability out of their relations but when they do not get the same, they start feeling like being exploited. This negativity forces them to doubt every other relationship in life. Again this is harmful to the person because this mind set cloudes the person's vision only.


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