Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snapshots of Life in a Train

Here are a bunch of interesting scenes that I came across when Traveling to Work from Wadala (W)/ Dardar Central to Vikhroli (W)

Updated - 28-1-2012

Tit...wala Station- The only reason why men get up early in the morning and slog their way through the flurry of crowd to get to their destination...LOL.

I call this Heaven (in the midst of crowded station)
This heavenly shot was taken at Dadar station at Platform number 1, after boarding the Train waiting for it to leave the station.

Updated - 21-1-2012

Chunbhatti?? Someone in the Indian Railway ate the "a" from Chunabhatti. Bechare "a" ko chuna lagaya!

How Call Me? This Ad seems to be asking for help on how to call oneself.

Here's another typical AD found in a Local Mumbai train which says...

"Dr. Dube"...lets pause here....any copy that begins with a Dubious name such as Dr.Dube, is not going to install confidence in future patients. Plus what if Dr.Dube actually Dupe's his patients, hence the Dubious-bad-name cover up.

Anyway let's continue...the copy further says...

"I have used on my patient..." Really what have you used Dr.Dube? Your dubious tactics which have proved that "result is over 90%".

Looks like this guy was happier when Bald. Let that be a lesson to all those who go in for such Hair Raising experiences! Be happy with what you have, rather with what you don't ;p

Found this wonderful fellow at Kurla Station @ 1pm in the afternoon while waiting for a friend to arrive. He gave me the most patient and sweetest poses. My phone - Motorola XT5's camera ain't too bad.

EATERNET...LOL. Snapped outside Vikhroli (W) station. The owner was so concerned that he ran up to us to ask what was wrong. Hehe...Illegal stall too I bet! :D

This pretty girl was sleeping outside Vikhroli (W) station completely oblivious to all the noise, the RAIN or the muck around. Ahh Ignorance is True Bliss.

Lastly, I would like to thank our wonderful Mumbai Railways for the GREAT service that they provide to us commuters everyday. Thank You dear Railways, you make our day possible :)

Wikipedia page on our very own Mumbai Locals
Did you know there is a blog dedicated to only Mumbai Locals? Cool!


  1. haha... Loved the Dr. Dube ad. My fav is the "Sai Jyotish" (the Bhayander east guy) ads.

  2. Loved the sleeping beauty:)

  3. Nice list, Nikster! I liked Eaternet :))

  4. Awesome collection... is that all in one day?? gr8!!


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