Monday, April 27, 2009

How much CO2 does Spam Emit?

Ever thought about how much energy/CO2 does free stuff, in this case Spam emit? I never thought about it either, how can spam cost environmental issues, well everything has a price and a study conducted by McAfee proves it, here's an interesting excerpt.

In the same line of thought, do you know where your energies are consumed during the day, in what thoughts, behaviour, etc? This is what the ancient yogis always talked about and that is what pranayama helps one bring under control. Pranayama is not about breathing but rather the control of mind through breath, the entire yoga is about controlling the mind (entire being actually) and after conquering it, moving beyond it- to our true nature.

"The average business email user is responsible for
131 kg of CO2 per year in email-related emissions,
and 22 percent of that figure is spam-related. This
spam energy is equivalent to the emissions that
would result if every business email user burned
an extra 3.3 gallons of gasoline annually.

The energy required annually to create, send,
receive, store and view spam adds up to more
than 33 billion kWh, approximately equivalent to
four gigawatts of baseload power generation or
the power provided by four large new coal power
plants. ICF estimates spam-related emissions for all
email users at an annual total of 17 million metric
tons of CO2 or 0.2 percent of the total global CO2
emissions — a number equivalent to emissions
from approximately 1.5 million U.S. homes."




  2. Spam business is quit big, many companies their develope new programs for people who eventually make business sending spam. There another aspects of energy cost, did anyone count how much annual energy cost to keep forums and newsarticles, how much energy cost to keep some web site on working condition everyone is costly it doesn't metter is it efficient or not. Think about it everytime when you check email or create new account you make harm to our mother nature :)


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