Friday, May 01, 2009

Mr.Broken Pinky

For those who know about my accident, here is the "Official Story" as to how I broke my little finger a.k.a Mr.Pinky. Well we lost our ultra-light pool ball to play with, so some wise guy thought of "Hey let's play with a football instead", well little did they realize that a football + a wussy catcher like me would lead to BOOM...a broken pinky.

I wish I had the snaps of the broken finger which turned 60 degrees left, but I'm really glad I had the presence of mind to put it back in place immediately (let that be a lesson kids). Never thought it would be a "Complete fracture".

Well for those who are already bored with the blah-blah, here is a a graphical and often comical run down of what happened :D



A Wussy me


Yup the entire bone cracked and went left where it shouldn't have. But you know what I'll miss the most out of this... picking my nose with my little finger!

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  1. well Nikhil - good presentation...
    u were lucky the ball didnt hurt u anywhere else...

  2. Greetings!! Cheif Wounded Paw .. well am glad you have your pinky back together .. Am sure your squaws would be happier with you putting it 2 better use than didling ur nose with it.. diddle em` ..diddle em dodoos some.. dip into em` goiee muffins sum.. guess its time gringo sam went mum...

    All hail Wounded Paw as he gets his equipment back together ..

  3. Sounds nasty. Cannot view any images, tho. It's better that way, I guess.
    Wounded Paw, I like that nick.

  4. Ha ha ha thats bad and too cool :)


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