Thursday, May 14, 2009

Microsoft gets a sense of humour and weirdness in Win7 wallpaper art

Windows 7 new artwork is so unlike what Microsoft. I'm glad they are adding a breath of fresh air and atleast dont appear to be corporate hardasses with showing fun stuff in Windows itself.

There are various artists who contributed to this work, here are the most notable samples

Yuko Kondo, in Japan, now in London.

This is a really weird artwork, cute but at the same time dark. It reminds me of the cute cuddly critters that could attack at any time.

Artwork by Punga in Buenos Aires.

This is how weird my dreams generally are, I certainly wouldn't want a wallpaper like this, nevertheless the artwork is great.

Created by Klaus Haapaniemi of Finland, now based in London.

This mad claymation style artwork is quite similar to some of the artwork used in Business mags, like Outlook. I wonder if it is the same artist.

Artwork - Chris Sickles of Red Nose Studios, from Indiana.


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