Thursday, June 11, 2009

Be careful of what photos you post online

This is a typical case of dhaapping (copying) images from the internet (don't we all). But think twice about what you do with them. Here is a restaurant owner Mario Bertuccio, whose Grazie shop specializes in Italian food imports, straight off took a family's photo from the internet and used it for his shop advertising. A friend of theirs got quite a shock when he spotted a life size photo of his friends plastered on the shop billboard.

So two lessons to learn here kids...
1. When copying copy smart (I know I'm
2. When posting images online be a little careful you never know where it'll end up.

Read the full story here...

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  1. India is a hot bed of image dhaaping. My photograph of Breach Candy was lifted from my Flickr page and printed in an issue of HT Cafe. An email to the editor went unheard and most definitely unread. I should know better. :oP

    Plus, at the Tata Press office. On the main road, there is a hair saloon. There used to be this image of a bald guy on the left, and the same guy with hair on this head.
    A less discerning eye would not have recognized the bloke on the banner. It was a bald Pierce Brosnan watching traffic whiz by everybody. 'tis a pity I never took a photograph of that priceless sight. They changed the banner one fine day. :(


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