Monday, October 24, 2011

Bagdadi funny sign

This is a typical sign in old restaurants such as Bagdadi @ Colaba, see map.

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"Food will not be served to Over drunken person"

The sign says "Food will not be served to OVER drunken person".
So the Logic goes - If you are drunken it is OK, but not if you are over drunken! Who decides that, the manager of course, so the house always wins! Damn the manager must have a background of a Casino Management.

Don't know what is Bagdadi? I highly recommend to check out Bagdadi menu and reviews on Burrp!


  1. John (Not a Baptist)24 October 2011 at 22:40

    Bagdadi's other famous signs should be posted here also - "Pls leave knives, chopper & other weapon outside eating place" (on the right side of the resteraunt wall) and "Wanted criminal elemant will be handed over to police" (Next to the price board!)

    This eating joint is most famous for a chilli eating contest in 2001between Mr. Patel, Mr. Contractor & Mr. Radio. Mr. Radio won by 9 green chillies as Mr. Patel & Mr. Contractor gave up after eating six each. Mr. Vaid was the referee & the winner was awarded a Dukes raspberry cold drink by the losing duo. A decade later, Mr. Radio still holds the record at Bagdadi for eating the most green chillies.

  2. In today's world some referees themsevles are criminal elements.


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